Jewelry Care


Our jewelry is hand forged from raw bronze, sterling silver, 14k gold-filled metals, and a combination of patina/paint and resin. 

For all care instructions, please see below. 



No worries, it’s just tarnish. 

Tarnish is when metal oxidizes over time and causes your jewelry to darken temporarily and lose it’s shine. If you prefer this antiqued look, clean your pieces as desired. If you prefer a brilliant luster, use one or more of the following tips to maintain a polished look. 

Resin and metal jewelry

• It’s important to refrain from scratching the glass-like surface (resin). 

• Store in a small plastic baggie or hang on a jewelry display. 

• Gently wipe metal surfaces (avoiding resined areas) with a polishing cloth to remove residual tarnish. 

• Avoid tossing your jewelry into the bottom of a purse or bag. 

• Refrain from submerging jewelry in water.

  Silver, bronze, and 14k gold-filled jewelry

• Gently clean by hand with mild soapy water,  and dry with soft cloth. 

• Wipe with our complimentary Sunshine Polishing Cloth*, for an extra lustrous glow.  

• Refrain from swimming or showering with jewelry.

*All jewelry comes gift wrapped with a complimentary sampling of the incredible Sunshine Polishing Cloth.